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Board of Directors

Trevor A. Wilson

Horace Henry
Executive Vice President

Herma Clunis
Vice President of Finance

Arlyane McGlashan
General Manager

John Chen
General Manager



The following are some of the services we provide in trying to achieve our goal of excellence in property management.


  • Establishing bank accounts for depository of funds
  • Collection of rent and or other charges and receivables
  • Disbursements e.g. vendors, mortgagee, City, State and Federal agencies
  • Budget preparation and administration
  • Bank account reconciliation
  • Preparation of monthly financial reports
  • Payroll administration
  • Purchasing and inventory control
  • Reserve fund transactions
  • Procuring cost effective insurance policies


  • Staff supervision: assessment, training, motivation
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Labor relations and negotiation (Union)
  • Supervision of work orders
  • Determine and provide for security needs


  • Maintaining applicable files and records
  • Maintenance of applicant waiting list
  • Preparation of residential leases
  • Conducting income reviews and certification for government subsidy programs
  • Negotiation and administration of vendor service contracts


  • Capital improvement planning and monitoring
  • Property re-financing
  • Obtaining grants
  • Negotiation and preparation of commercial leases
  • Marketing and rent-up
  • Co-op/condo unit sale
  • “Back-office”


The day to day responsibility of construction management need not take up an owner’s time and effort. With Prestige Management providing the “hands on” service that has become a part of our reputation, the owner is able to focus on other aspects of the housing company’s operations.

We provide the following services to coop boards, real estate developers, financial institutions and government agencies:

  • Oversight of Construction projects
  • Pre-construction services
  • Preparation, review and analysis of construction documents
  • Daily site inspections
  • Preparation of construction status reports and construction observation reports
  • Analyze job adjustments and deviations from specs and make the necessary recommendations
  • Review change orders
  • Monitor progress schedule
  • Maintain OSHC regulations while construction is in progress
  • Coordinate efforts of all applicable construction professionals, i.e., architects, engineers and contractors etc.
  • Assigns a project manager to ensure that the contract is executed according to the job specifications
  • Provide necessary updates and information to the residents
  • Transitional management


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