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Board of Directors

Trevor A. Wilson

Horace Henry
Executive Vice President

Herma Clunis
Vice President of Finance

Arlyane McGlashan
General Manager

John Chen
General Manager


What We Offer

The objective of Prestige Management is to provide the best possible real estate management service. In achieving this goal, we follow some basic guidelines as indicated below:

Qualified Staff
Prestige Management’s Executive Staff has accumulated many years of experience in Accounting, Finance and Business Management which allows us to be very creative with cash flow management.

Our Property Managers are required to attend monthly managers meetings and seminars in order to receive ongoing training in concepts and skills. In addition, our managers and support staff are also required to be certified by the relevant organizations in order to effectively perform their job.

Prestige Management’s staff is comprised of a team of technically experienced and dedicated field supervisors, site managers, construction project manager, accountants, bookkeepers, data processing clerks and expeditors. The diversity of our clients allows us to adapt our services to suit the needs of each development.

Provision for the residents
Understanding the resident and the needs of the property is an asset in getting the desired results for your development. Our management team is capable of getting the job done without loosing sight of the people aspect of our business. Gaining the trust and confidence of the residents is essential to Prestige Management achieving the success of its contractual obligations. Keeping residents informed on issues, policies, procedures and showing concern for the development will enable us to be the managing agent that “makes a difference”

A managing agent who cares, is passionate about maintaining the development at the highest standards, and has a staff that serves the residents with respect, will foster the attitude of working together for the betterment of your housing company.

Maintenance/Curb Appeal
Curb appeal is of utmost importance to maintaining the viability of a development. The appearance of the property instills pride in the residents and increases the appeal of the property to prospective residents. Essential to maintaining the value and curb appeal of the property is continued upkeep of the development. This will eliminate untimely deterioration of the structure and equipment, and helps to eliminate the high costs involved in replacing defective or damaged items. Prestige has successfully implemented various maintenance programs to prevent deterioration of the buildings we manage.

Community Involvement
Part of our dedication to the developments we serve is our community involvement in several organizations that provide services in the areas we manage. We regularly conduct monthly Community Improvement Group (CIG) meetings with various public service officials including sanitation, police and parks departments, district attorney’s office and representatives from houses of worship throughout the areas to discuss and resolve issues affecting the communities.

Our engineers and housing consultants are available on call when needed. In addition we have an operations center that includes a 24 hour, 7 days a week service where emergencies are attended to immediately through our communications system.


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